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The challenge of managing diverse teams Coursework - 5

The test of overseeing assorted groups - Coursework Example of social decent variety, culture contrasts and its related clashes have become the primary difficulties and downsides in such groups (Jager and Raich 2011) One bit of leeway of this is differing groups have become a significant factor in advancing authoritative viability Joplin and Daus (2010) and great initiative. Pioneers figure out how to perceive and oblige the perspectives and assessments of the differing colleagues; this can help in the age of good authoritative outcomes corresponding to profitability from an increasingly concrete and assorted dynamic procedure that gives them a bit of leeway over their rivals. Another bit of leeway of assorted groups is that it couldn't just assistance in accomplish most extreme execution of an organization,but can likewise assist the organization with acquiring extraordinary chances and qualities and simultaneously limiting natural dangers and shortcomings. Differing groups upgrade hierarchical execution, the different aptitudes and gifts among colleagues can help in the advancement of innovation and imagination inside a foundation. At the point when differing individuals cooperate, the yield could be of more quality than a uniform group (Johnson and Suriya2002). Overseeing different groups likewise accompanies it impediments and challenges.According to Jager and Raich(2011),one of the key difficulties of the executives of various groups is the absence of suitable authority that can successfully oversee social decent variety in the workers of an association. They express that worldwide pioneers need to get enough capability so as to appropriately oversee diverse groups. There is requirement for them to get abilities in multifaceted attention to counter the difficulties and requests that are related with group decent variety. Another constraint of decent variety is the trouble in making attachment among individuals. Normally, an individual will in general feel good to work with individuals of comparative qualities and assessments. This renders collaboration and solidarity among individuals to be progressively troublesome. Pioneers have a

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Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value Free Essays

Middle people scope changes in accordance with oblige new real factors or join new abilities can pay off, yet just when they’re done purposefully and with a tough emphasis on exhibiting in advance where the cash is going to originate from. Such cautiousness doesn’t simply occur, which is the reason for each story like Infant’s, there’s presumably three or four that address the risks of creep. Need a model? Think about the Big Dig, the parkway task to put Boson’s focal supply route underground, in which extension changes were very calmly consented to when they were seen by any means. We will compose a custom exposition test on Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now Development for this task started in 1991 and should take 10 years and cost $4. 9 billion. Current projections recommend that progressively sensible figures are, at least, 14 years and $14. 6 billion. You treat each undertaking as totally interesting, none of the gaining starting with one anticipate then onto the next ?which basically has to do with perceiving designs ?moves over,† says Steven Wheelwright, an educator and senior partner dignitary at Harvard Business School (HOBS) whose exploration centers around item and procedure improvement. Also, exactly what is this important realizing Wheelwright is alluding to? Discussions with venture directors who have a reputation of accomplishment underscore the significance of receiving, in the underlying arranging stage, key systems, rules, and structures to guarantee: ; The opportune individuals have characterized the project’s scope. ; The project’s limits have been pointedly portrayed. ; The effect of likely adjustments or slippage can be immediately determined. In the usage stage, the test is to arrange the work in order to limit the inborn vulnerabilities. Regardless of whether you’re the director or the official patron of any significant task, a strong approach that’s touchy to crawl can make it simpler for you to choose, at the time, which venture add-particles to express yes to and which to pass on. The arranging stage An astounding number of undertakings get going without an intensive endeavor to characterize their boundaries, specs, and execution attributes. Scurry is the central guilty party here, says Dave Nonfat, who brings 40 years of industry venture the board understanding to his job as Enron activities counselor at HOBS and undertaking chief for the remodel of one of the school’s fundamental study hall structures. â€Å"There’s a base lead time that all undertakings require,† says Nonfat, and it’s the obligation of the project’s director to realize what that lead time is and to guarantee that it not pressed. Here are the key undertakings of the arranging stage: Differentiate scope from reason. As you characterize the boundaries of a venture, its basic to isolate its degree from its motivation. â€Å"A project’s intention is the general advantage it will give to the organization,† clarifies Alex Walton, a Winter Park, AAA. Based undertaking con-Copyright C 2005 by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation. All rights held. 3 Project Creep (proceeded) king who’s worked with PC, aviation, money related, and clinical/dietary organizations. â€Å"Its scope involves the specific components (or item characteristics) that the venture group can control and has consented to convey. For instance, a project’s reason might be to make another food thing that will expand deals by $20 million. Yet, the group building up the item has to realize what includes the item should have and what the spending plan for creating the item will be. This is the data that a three-to four-sentence archive known as a degree articulation gives; it illuminates how the group means to make progress and, along these lines, the models on which it will be assessed. Include key partners. Ensure that you have the opportune individuals characterizing the project’s scope. â€Å"If you don’t have all the influenced partners and patrons at the table, it is possible that you won’t get an exact ID of the basic conditions and functionalities or you won’t have the individuals who can guarantee that the undertaking slashes to those basic conditions and functionalities,† says Brian Dobby, an Enron venture administrator for Meddles, a Mason, Ohio-based auxiliary of Custodianship’s, who supervises the establishment of gadgets frameworks in medicinal services offices. Consequently, it’s critical to incorporate â€Å"the end clients viewpoint and necessities when you’re investigating the usefulness that’s required,† says Wheelwright. In the redesign of Baker Library at HOBS, for instance, venture organizers requested staff members’ contribution about the models of the new office spaces that were being intended for them. Plan in the total. Getting the perfect individuals associated with characterizing the degree ND committing adequate chance to the venture arranging stage aren’t enough to guarantee that the undertaking has clear limits, in any case. Associations additionally need to do total task planning,† says Wheelwright, â€Å"in which they build up a procedure that spreads out an example and beat for when resulting ventures will happen. † This is particularly significant for new item advancement. Without such a calendar for future ventures, an item engineer with another thought can develop worried that it will never be actualized; accordingly, there’s a solid enticement for the specialist to attempt to slip that thought into the item that’s presently in position ?paying little mind to its effect on the expense and timetable. The examination of earlier undertakings fills in as a significant assistant to total arranging. For instance, study the previous 1 0 inner IT anticipates your organization has attempted what examples develop? The discoveries can assist you with recognizing and better plan for potential difficulty spots in the IT anticipates that are on the agenda for the coming years. Set the principles. One final bit Of work in the arranging stage that can limit the odds of venture creep includes making cushions or decides that make it hard for noteworthy hanged to happen without cognizant conversation and endorsement. For example: ; Set up a change control board. In exceptionally organized task situations, such a gathering is answerable for â€Å"gathering data about the effect that a proposed change will have on the timetable, financial plan, or degree; deciding on the proposed change; and afterward sending a solicitation for-change record on for the undertaking sponsors’ signature,† says Bob Tartan, a senior advisor who spends significant time in IT and broadcast communications ventures for Haverford, dad. - based PM Solutions. Consequently, for an IT anticipate influencing the business, promoting, and coordinations offices, the change introduction board would contain ranking directors from every one of these units. The most effective method to refer to Will Project Creep Cost You Or Create Value, Papers

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Guncontrol essays

Guncontrol expositions By and large, firearms have been a significant issue for a considerable length of time upon years. The danger of firearms in urban communities and towns is surprising. Numerous individuals in the United States are battling to boycott firearms all over, others think they ought to reserve the option to claim a weapon without any inquiries posed. Thinking about the measure of handgun passings, numerous individuals ask the question Are weapons slaughtering individuals or are individuals executing individuals? Numerous individuals are in the battle to increase stricter laws on weapons, Yet just the same number of are against the possibility of stricter laws. Weapons began to turn into an issue in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1977 firearms were the weapons utilized in roughly 70% of the homicides in the United States.(Encarta Online) 60% of all homicide casualties in the United States (around 12,000) were slaughtered by guns, what's more, 70,000 were harmed. During the mid 1980s Hip Hop and Rap got famous. This expanded the quantity of weapon clashes incredibly on account of the picture of a rapper.(Dennis, Debate) Heavily populated urban communities had an expanding measure of groups during this time.(Dennis, Discussion) The posses would sell medications and go through weapons to back them if a bargain went bad.(Dennis, Debate) Guns were handily gotten to due to the overwhelming posse activity.(Dennis, Debate) People were being shot regular therefore in these posses. Numerous individuals were attempting to battle the spread of firearms and get a stricter law on availability to weapons. Individuals who need firearm control have an extremely difficult time persuading government authorities to take care of business. The Republican controlled Congress has questions in view of what the Second Amendment said about weapons. Handgun Control Inc. (HCI) stated, The Second Correction represents no danger to the laws influencing the private ownership of guns, and this likely could be the most settled suggestion in established law.(Dennis, Debate) HCI additionally composed a letter... <!

The triumph of christianity over paganism in the middle ages.

The triumph of christianity over agnosticism in the medieval times. I could disclose to all of you about the Greeks and Romans, and the wars, however whenever religion comes up, I get befuddled. I am not a skeptic using any and all means, however I am not a strict fan. In contrast to the Pagans, and even our ordinary Christians, I don't rest my destiny in the hands of any god or divine beings, or even goddesses. I accept that I control my own destiny, and I don't make a special effort to satisfy any otherworldly being to guarantee my wellbeing and prosperity. I additionally don't comprehend the entire idea of battling between the agnostics and the Christians, subsequently I don't accept that the triumph of Christianity was quite a bit of a recorded need. Maybe it was only the gullible perspectives of the polytheistic Pagans, or perhaps the monotheistic Christians.One of the most conspicuous things to stand apart about Pagan religion is the confidence in more than one god.Greek Easter Dinner PlateThat is the premise of being agnostic. Early Greeks goi ng back to about 1325b.c. in Athens. The individuals of Athens put stock in numerous divine beings, who every one in their own spoke to an evolutional part of life. The objective of the Greeks was to satisfy the divine beings living on Mount Olympus in any capacity that they could. Some even went similarly as giving up their own kids. Huge numbers of the urban communities in Greek had their own divine beings, demonstrating the polytheistic Paganism to be all through the human progress. For instance, there was the divine force of the ocean, Poseidon. The Greeks accepted that it was he who controlled the ocean, and carried going great to the individuals who merited, and passing to the individuals who misled them . Despite the fact that Pagans adored more than one god, they were not known to close out the Christians, in light of the fact that even idea the...

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ray charles Essays - African-American Music, Radio Formats

Beam Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 ? June 10, 2004), better known by his abbreviated stage name Ray Charles, was an American performer. Beam was a pioneer in the class of soul music during the 1950s by melding beat and blues, gospel, and blues styles into his initial chronicles with Atlantic Records.[1][2][3] He additionally helped racially coordinate nation and popular music during the 1960s with his hybrid accomplishment on ABC Records, most eminently with his Modern Sounds albums.[4][5][6] While with ABC, Charles got one of the principal African-American performers to be given creative control by a standard record company.[2] Drifter positioned Charles number 10 on their rundown of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004,[7] and number two on their November 2008 rundown of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.[8] In regarding Charles, Billy Joel noticed: This may seem like blasphemy, however I think Ray Charles was a higher priority than Elvis Presley. I don't have the foggiest idea whether Ray was the engineer of rock and roll, however he was absolutely the primary person to do a great deal of things . . . Who the hellfire at any point set up such a significant number of styles and made it work?

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20 Top Qualities that Determine a Great Employee

20 Top Qualities that Determine a Great Employee © | blocberryWhen looking for the ideal employees to add to your existing workforce, remember that though knowledge is an asset, it can be taught. With respect to a person’s basic character, things are not so easy. No need to put the whole emphasis on personality but do give it a heavy weight when picking the best from the pack. In this article, we give you an  in-depth look at 20 qualities of a great employee.20 QUALITIES OF A GREAT EMPLOYEEHere we discuss 20 qualities to look for whatever the age or sex of the candidate, the industry you’re in or the expected pay.1. AmbitiousAmbitious employees are willing to go the extra mile whether to achieve company goals or make their way up the corporate ladder. They will not shirk from putting in their best because they set goals and high expectations for themselves. They also strongly yearn to progress in their career. Ambition triggers openness, creative ideas, and a go-getter attitude â€" all of which are good for yo ur company. However, your ambitious candidate should have a sensible amount of emotional intelligence within him. This is so that he does not alienate most of his co-workers in the march towards his ambition.2. ConfidentAs a manager or a CxO in your startup, you would obviously be happier handing a project over to someone who’s confident over someone who’s hesitant and unsure of himself. A confident employee is also more willing to take risks or go for challenges that an uncertain counterpart would shy from. Great outcomes come from people who have faith in their abilities and talents. If the candidate is someone who you would want to interact  directly with a client(s), the latter too will be impressed by the person’s self-assuredness and therefore feel like continuing the business relationship with him/her and your company.3. HumbleNobody likes someone who boasts or brags about their accomplishments. The more preferred candidate for a future employee is someone who would pro ve their value through their hard and commendable work rather than through words, whether they are true or exaggerated. A productive workplace should not have arrogant employees.4. Committed/PassionateAll employers love a person who’s willing to do more than what’s required from him (even things that don’t fall into his line of duty), is constantly exceeding expectations and happily accepts any task or project, however difficult it may be. In addition, a person who is passionate about his job will not feel like he is working. Thus, he will naturally put in his best because he loves what he does. He also derives happiness from the time spent with his co-workers and superiors. Though money is a motivator to work, people who work for you should also appear like they enjoy what they’re doing to get that money in their hands.Two questions you can ask at the interview to identify a passionate person are given below with how they help:i. What was it about your work that made you mo st satisfied at your last place of employment?The answer to the above question will let you know whether the person is really looking to put his passion into practice by working at a particular job or instead, looking for comfort with a specific work style or culture.ii. How do you keep up-to-date with your industry?If the candidate is unable to cite any personal or professional development he’s done of late, it is definitely a red flag as far as passion is concerned. Those who are really passionate about what they do, spend extra time outside working hours to better their skills and develop their knowledge. The genuinely enthusiastic would probably smile and have a spark in their eye when answering this question.5. ReliableWhat could be more irritating than an employee who does not follow instructions? Either he is not as serious as he should be or did not listen attentively when the instructions were given. Either way, the result is mistakes, faulty products and the missing of i mportant deadlines not to forget unhappy, disappointed customers and/or clients. An employee who does not listen to the whole thing but likes to budge in between presents a picture of lack of respect for his boss. Following instructions shows that the employee takes his responsibilities seriously and is capable of shouldering additional responsibility. Reliable also means showing up for work on time, informing the concerned authorities when he cannot make it, and keeping to deadlines. A dependable worker has a greater likelihood of remaining on the payroll.6. PositiveGenerally, people don’t like being around those who are pessimistic, negative or just plain unhappy. Just like the co-workers, an employer would love to see someone who comes to work with a smile on his face and is always optimistic, whatever the situation. Positive and happy behavior is contagious. It practically lights up the workplace. However tedious or menial the task, a positive person goes about his work happil y and efficiently. In addition, problems call for solutions and employers desire workers who can recognize problems and assist in suggesting, devising and executing solutions. The more problems they help solve, the more precious they become to your organization. The ideal employee is willing to accept responsibility for all that he does.Optimistic people are a recipe for better teams and better culture. In short, it is really great to have a positive employee to realize your organization’s bigger goals.A wonderful way to identify positive candidates during the interview process is to ask questions such as:Can you give me one or two examples of things you’re really optimistic about in life?7. Culturally fitFinding a candidate suitable for your office culture is easier said than done. First, make sure that you have a clear idea of what your company culture is about. Think along the lines of the characteristics and values that you and your existing staff hold important. Your hiring team should be well-versed with your company culture. Decision-making, language, and daily workplace practices also show workplace culture.Some examples of interview questions that can help you find an employee suitable for your office culture are given below:Name 3 of your key work-related values. Share examples of situations where you demonstrated these values.Did you ever commit a mistake at work? If yes, how did you fix the problem?When you do find someone who is a cultural fit, you should be prepared to attract him to things like great compensation packages, inspiring leadership or opportunities to have a direct role in projects.Employees who are not a match to the company’s environment usually leave in favor of a work culture or environment that is in harmony with their beliefs and values.Here’s an example of what it means to be culturally fit. An employee who likes to work in a team and welcomes feedback from all kinds of people is prone to be efficient in an organizatio n where teams are vital for daily operation. On the other hand, an employee who is not comfortable with a team wouldn’t be a suitable fit for a workplace with team culture.8. Driven or self-motivatedSelf-motivated individuals don’t need to be pushed to get work done. They possess the stamina to perform outstanding work and usually, work hard consistently. You don’t have to worry about slack or lost hours when there’s a self-motivated employee working for you. They also fix a pace and model that others can and want to follow. The return on investment for such individuals is very high because with respect to cost, they don’t need additional rewards.Self-motivated people know what their purpose is in life, and they live it. They rise above adversity, problems, momentary failure and loss. They believe in others and themselves too. They epitomize humility and can laugh at themselves, take criticism and admit vulnerabilities. They are persistent and try to keep updating their kn owledge on a regular basis.9. Enthusiastic/eagerPeople who arrive for work energetic and enthusiastic every day, have an edge over their counterparts who are not as enthusiastic and also, easily burn out. Eager and upbeat employees are always happy to learn new things and to strive for greater success. They help to build a working environment that triggers new ideas and is unique and enjoyable to their co-workers too.10. Hard-workingNothing can replace the benefits of hard work. There are some people who work hard for a few years and then lose pace. Also, people who are particular about working only from 9 to 5 even when urgent projects need to be completed, cannot be considered as as hardworking as one who is willing to put in extra time and effort. The basis of an effective organization lies in how capable it is of hiring result-oriented and industrious workers who execute.Ideal employees keep reminding themselves of how essential it is to themselves and the company they work for to keep the hard work going.11. Team SpiritPlenty of companies have teams. It is not only essential to perform well as individuals but also as a member of the team. To do well in a team requires patience, tolerance, and good social skills. Team efforts are associated with many advantages: work gets done faster and is more likely to get done when more people are involved, relations among employees improve, and members of the team learn from each other’s characters, feedback and contributions to the team.12. Self-managedEvery boss loves someone who doesn’t have to be told what is expected of him and is even willing to do more. In addition to being aware of his roles and duties, the self-managed employee strives to improve himself, reduce his weaknesses and play up his strengths. If the self-managed employee is self-disciplined, even better. He will not waste his employer’s precious money and time on distractions such as the cellphone or casual internet browsing. He is also punct ual, doesn’t procrastinate or take unnecessary breaks and is conscientious.13. ProactiveThere are two kinds of kinds of employees â€" reactive and proactive. The former wait till they are told to do something while the latter take initiative in discovering inventive methods of being productive so that their company gains from it in the process. The latter thinks ahead and implements without expecting a request â€" he is a rock star. A proactive worker truly stands out, and any manager would favor him for advancement.Further, hire those people who are willing to take action and chances. Of course, chances could lead to failures but then, failures are the stepping stone to success. Failures help to build up confidence while encouraging the birth of new ideas. Action-oriented and not stagnant employees are the ones who are going to make money for your company.14. MarketableMarketable means the employee should be presentable to clients. He should be someone who can represent your busi ness in a way that conveys a good impression of it to the client. So in addition to being well-groomed, he should be professional and have a favorable personality.15. Detail-orientedIt is essential to pay attention to details. Even the slightest of mistakes could create major issues. Employees who take detail seriously are also ones who delight in their work. They put in the extra effort for minor details that many others possibly take for granted. In simple language, this means crossing the t’s or dotting the i’s.16. AutonomousEmployee autonomy means that they have freedom and discretion with respect to how to schedule their work and coming out with their way to carry it out. Being a boss, you have multiple tasks to look after. So, when you delegate a project to the individual you’re appointing, you wouldn’t be happy if he kept asking you questions. You would prefer execution.An autonomous employee is capable of managing his time well enough to get monster tasks done quickl y and productively.17. CreativeBusinesses need people with great ideas to really grow and prosper. Your employees should be ones who are willing to experiment with new things and think out-of-the-box that in itself will help reduce the redundancy and mundaneness of the daily routine. In addition, it will help improve employee and company productivity.18. HonestWhatever and how many other qualities an employee may have, he is incomplete without authenticity and integrity. Employees who are not forthright and honest would lead to clients being out off and consequently, trouble for your company.Honesty and transparency are two sides of the same coin. So, an honest employee will be transparent at all times. Transparency improves the office culture and environment and makes people feel happy within the walls of the workplace.Honest and humble people, especially when they are in the higher ranks of the company, are greatly appreciated.19. CommunicatorEmployers are happy to hire employees who can communicate in a lucid manner and well, whether when speaking or writing. Inappropriate or inaccurate employee-employee communication can lead to many issues within the company and with clients as well.20. Has leadership qualitiesLeadership starts with self-confidence and is strengthened by repetitive success and positive reinforcement. If you have a person with leadership qualities working for you, you can consider possibilities of giving him a key leadership role in your company.

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Dehumanization of Dracula - Free Essay Example

In Dracula, Bram Stoker depicts females as pure and innocent until transformed into a monstrous vampire. While at times he describes the women of the story as being strong and self sufficient, he often sexualizes them. His purpose in doing that is to show male dominance towards women. The women become more monstrous once acted upon by a male. Once Dracula, a male figure, bites them they are stripped of their purity. Dracula does not treat them as human beings, but rather objects that he can play with. This is seen when he tells Van Helsing that Lucy and Mina are his to play with. Bram stoker is depicting women as objects and property of men. Dracula is not only a story about vampires, but a story about feminism in the Victorian Era. In an age full of sexual repression, Bram Stoker brought real life issues into his novel. The two main female characters, Lucy and Mina, are followed through their transformation into the New Woman. Bram Stoker depicts women as pure and innocent until acted upon by a man. It is said that, A brave mans blood is the best thing on this earth when a woman is in trouble. (12.28). Mina and Lucy are seen as almost angelic characters until they are transformed into a vampire. When Dracula transforms them, they are seen as monsters. They are suddenly sexualized and are no longer seen as the pure women that all of the men wanted to marry. Mina is Jonathan Harkers fiance. She fits the stereotypical feminine role in the Victorian Era. She is motherly, helpful and emotional. I suppose there is something in womans nature that makes a man free to break down before her and express his feelings on the tender or emotional side without feeling it derogatory to his manhood. (17.56). In this quote, it is shown that Mina always looks for the good in men and makes them comfortable to show their emotional side. All of the men seem to love her maternal qualities. Van Helsing describes her as one of Gods women, fashioned by His own hand to show us men and other women that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth. So true, so sweet, so noble, so little an egoist and that, let me tell you, is much in this age, so sceptical and selfish. (14.52). She is the type of woman that men want to marry. She accepts who she is, and is not at all an activist for feminism or the new woman. She is also very smart and educated, which is not as common for women in this era. She has a mans brain a brain that a man should have were he much gifted and a womans heart. The good God fashioned her for a purpose, believe me, when He made that so good combination. (18.22). This quote is saying that she is smart like a man. Women were not seen as intellectual during this era so saying she has a mans brain was complimenting her intellect, while saying she has a womans heart. This means she cares for others and has a natural kindness. Mina is seen as saint-like until she is forced to drink Draculas blood. Dracula forces Mina to drink his blood against her will. This can be interpreted as a rape scene. He is transforming her into someone she is not, and does not want to be. I would have got out to make certain on the point, but some leaden lethargy seemed to chain my limbs and even my will. I lay still and endured; that was all. (19.39). Her body is changed and scarred from Dracula, and characters are afraid with the transformation, her soul will also become impure. Lucy is a very lovable character. She is proposed to three times in one day. She is very innocent and vulnerable and needs protection from men at almost all times. Mina even writes in her journal, Lucy is so sweet and sensitive that she feels influences more acutely than other people do. (7.10). She even sleepwalks, which shows her vulnerable state. Lucy is also seen as more sexy than Mina. She is both vulnerable and voluptuous, which is why Dracula chooses her to feed on. Once she is transformed into a vampire, she is nothing like the innocent girl we knew at the beginning of the novel. Jonathan says, The fair girl went on her knees, and bent over me, fairly gloating. There was a deliberate voluptuousness which was both thrilling and repulsive, and as she arched her neck she actually licked her lips like an animal, till I could see in the moonlight the moisture shining on the scarlet lips and on the red tongue as it lapped the white sharp teeth. (3.32). She is now extremely sexual and more physically attractive. She also loses any morality and humanity she had before. She feeds on a child, and then drops it, which is evil. Arthur kills her by staking her heart. This allows the evil Lucy to die and the real Lucy to rest in peace. The New Woman is working against the conservative stereotypes in the Victorian Era and brings to life new ideals of feminism. In the Victorian Era, women were seen as subordinate and not strong enough to do things for themselves. They werent allowed to be intimate or sexual before marriage, and had demeaning jobs. Mina talks about the New Woman ideal, saying Some of the New Women writers will some day start an idea that men and women should be allowed to see each other asleep before proposing or accepting. But I suppose the New Woman wont condescend in future to accept; she will do the proposing herself. And a nice job she will make of it, too! Theres some consolation in that. (8.1). In the Coppola adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula, the depiction of mens control over women is different than the book. While the main theme is the same, there are many important differences with how the story plays out. A main difference is the love story between Dracula and Mina. In the movie, Dracula loses his wife, Elisabeta, when she takes her own life. Many years later, he finds Mina who happens to look identical to his late wife. This immediately sparks interest. The feelings become mutual. Mina finds herself falling for Dracula, even though her fiance is Jonathan Harker. This changes the underlying tone of dracula using Mina, because now there are feelings involved. In the novel, there are no mutual feelings between the two characters. Dracula uses Mina and dehumanizes her, figuratively and literally. Another important aspect in the movie is how Lucy bluntly talks about her sex life to Mina. While Lucy talks more intimately about things she wants to do, Mina is more innocent within the conversation. Mina talks about kissing Jonathan, and doesnt go further than that. On the other hand, Lucy talks about it with no filter. This immediately establishes that Mina is the more pure one out of the two, which is also seen in the novel. Coppola remained true to the novel while establishing the female characters sexually.